Week 4: Photographer Galen Rowell


Galen Rowell is a very well known photographer and journalist. He is known for his adventurous works in regards to photographing mountains and writing his thoughts and ideas down about what he sees and or feels while he is up there. Often times “a picture can mean a thousand words” and so I’m sure many times he feels as though he has no words because of the beauty he just witnessed. This picture caught my eye mainly because of the bright pops of color. I love how the sun is hitting the tops of the mountain ridges in this picture. They look as though they are on fire. This picture in my opinion also could have been cool if his aperture was on 5.6 so that he could blur out everything in a way and leave just the mountains for the viewer to see. However, I am a fan of seeing the entire picture especially when it was one like this with beauty being captivated everywhere. The wild flowers in this picture are incredible with shades of bright pink, yellow, and blue. The natural stone/rocks that are just laying around also give you something to focus on so that there is more to look at then just the beautiful mountain/canyon tops. This is one of the prettiest pictures I have seen because of all the different elements that there are in this picture. I get a feeling of peace when looking at this image.





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